The second camp of the year took us to Avis, Portugal.

I have recently come back from a training camp in Avis, Portugal. It is in the middle of nowhere so it is the perfect place to train hard with no distractions. The purpose of the camp was to row long, continuous miles to build an aerobic base and get fitter. Avis Portugal

While it was not the most exciting camp, long steady sessions are essential in order be able to add and hold speed come racing season. 

The hotel we stayed in is called Herdade Da Cortesia. It is an unbelievable hotel run by Louis and Pedro. If you imagine mixing The Shire from Lord of The Rings and Teletuby land with a 5* hotel spa you can begin to imagine what this place looks like. There are around 30 bedrooms surrounding the main building. Each room is pretty much hidden from the next by trees and bushes. Our big team pretty much took up the entire hotel and certainly kept the kitchen busy catering for 5 meals a day. 

What I love about the hotel is how close to nature you are. You can constantly hear birds singing, dogs barking and horses naying. There are salamanders and lizards everywmap of Avishere and if you are lucky you can find snakes and scorpions with a big of digging. 

The camp was extremely tough mentally and physically, however,  I feel much stronger and fitter for completing it and starting to get excited for the racing season to start.

Rather than write too much have an explore through the photos below and get a feel for what we did. 


Explore the camp

A selection of photos from our training sessions. Captured on GoPro hero 4

Recovery is so underrated in sport. Having a great place to stay and eat well in essential in order to train effectively and perform when it counts.

It was important to switch off after intense training. In between sleeping and eating there were plenty of things to keep us entertained.

I took a selection of portraits throughout the camp

We are fortunate enough to have great coaches and support staff that keep us in one piece and keep innovating the way we train

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